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Format APP - English

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1 Format APP - English em Qui Jul 30, 2015 10:30 pm


Format APP - English

[size=18] [color=red].: PERSONAL INFORMATION. [/color] [/size]

[b]- What is your real name? [/b]:
[b]- What is your gender? [/b]:
[b]- What is your ethnicity? [/b]:
[b]- Whats your country? [/b]:
[b]- What is your GMT? [/b]:
[b]- What languages ​​do you speak? [/b]:
[b]- Do you usually masturbate (how often)? [/b]
[b]- How old are you? [/b]:
[b]- Have you ever had sexual experiences with people of the same sex? [/b]:
[b]- What you do?study?work? or just a lifeless? [/b]:
[b]- Do you have microphone? [/b]:
[b]- What do you usually do in your spare time? [/b]:
[b]- How do you describe your personality? [/b]:

[size=18][color=red].: CONTACT INFORMATION:. [/color] [/size]

[b]- Do you have Facebook? [/b]:
[b]- What is your Xfire? [/b]:
[b]- Do you use Mumble / TeamSpeak 3? [/b]:
[b]- Steam? [/b]:

[size=18][color=red].: INFORMATION IN-GAME:. [/color] [/size]

[b]- What is your nickname? [/b]:
[b]- How long do you play samp? [/b]:
[b]- How long do you play ADD? [/b]:
[b]- Post here your olds clan list: [/b]:
[b]- Why did you leave those clans and how long have you been in it (explain properly)
? [/b]:
[b]- Have you ever made application to some other clan? (if so post the link)? [/b]:
[b]- In what servers do you usually play? [/b]:
[b]- Average ping on servers Brazilians? [/b]:
[b]- Average ping on European servers? [/b]:
[b]- What is the speed of your internet? [/b]:
[b]- Do you have static or dynamic ip? [/b]:
[b]- SA-MP Besides, what other games do you usually play? [/b]:
[b]- Did you used / tested cheats? [/b]:
[b]- Do you have a youtube channel (if yes post the link)? [/b]:
[b]- Do you have a video of your gameplay? [/b]:
[b]- Computer specs? [/b]:
[b]- Do you have knowledge with pawn script, design (images and videos), mods and websites? [/b]:
[b]- What mods you usually use in your game? [/b]:

[size=18][color=red].: RELATED TO THE CLAN:. [/color] [/size]

[b]- Who invited you to apply here? [/b]:
[b]- As you must realize, is not just a matter of skill ... as well as loyalty, do you think you are a trustworthy person?Why? [/b]:
[b]- How did you meet the clan? [/b]:
[b]- Are you willing to wait to be accepted here? [/b]:
[b]- Which member of D3 inspires you to become one of us? [/b]:
[b]- What kind of situation would make you leave the clan? [/b]:
[b]- We want friends and players who come to make a difference and not just another random prick .... how do you think this can be different from your part? [/b]:
[b]- In your eyes ... what makes us different from others? [/b]:
[b]- How do you see your teamwork ? a person who knows when to listen and follow what is said to you? [/b]:
[b]- You can contribute financially to the clan? [/b]:
[b]- Will you be active on the forum? [/b]:
[b]- Are you a open minded person who knows how to distinguish joking moments from serious moments? [/b]:
[b]- You see the sa-mp only as a hobby? [/b]:
[b]- Why did you come here askin for recruitment? [/b]:

[size=18][color=red].: Ingame experience:. [/color] [/size]

[b]- What is your favorite WeaponSet? [/b]:

[b][color=red]== Answer == between 0 ~ 10 [/color] [/b]

[b]- General Experience IG [/b]:
[b]- 1v1 Skills [/b]:
[b]- C-bug skills [/b]:
[b]- Teamwork [/b]:
[b]- Desert Eagle [/b]:
[b]- Spas-12 [/b]:
[b]- M4 [/b]:
[b]- Sniper [/b]: 
[b]- Shotgun [/b]:
[b]- Rifle [/b]:

Ver perfil do usuário http://d3clan.directorioforuns.com

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